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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (11.12.2019)


Latest PECL Releases:datadog_trace 0.34.1 ### Fixed PHP notice of undefined indexes REQUEST_METHOD and REQUEST_URI when running the request init hook on unsupported SAPI's #637 Distributed trace ID handling #645 ast 1.0.4 - Add AST_TYPE_UNION to support PHP 8.0 Union Types. redis 5.1.1 phpredis 5.1.1 This release contains only bugfix for unix-socket connection. Fix fail to connect to redis through unix socket [2bae8010, 9f4ededa] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko, Michael Grunder) Documentation improvements (@fitztrev) http_message 0.2.1 Added `HttpMessageEmitter`. Emitter outputs header and body. XDebug is needed to test emitter. Fixed segfault for withHeader() when using a non-string var. gRPC 1.25.0 - gRPC Core 1.25.0 update scoutapm 1.0.1 - Fix segfault when trying to access args out of bounds (#48) - Fix exception raised when trying to fopen a file that does not exist (#50) - Removed notice emitted calling some functions (#51)

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